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Hire a craftsman with us. At Viktech you get a permanent local contact who follows your project and your new employees from beginning to end.
When you hire a carpenter at Viktech, a consultant is included in the agreement. He / she makes sure that the project is running as agreed. That is win-win for everyone.
When you hire a painter at Viktech, we are responsible for all the practical stuff incl. paperwork. Our consultant follows up on day 1, 3 and 14. That's easy and safe.
When you hire a construction worker with us, our consultant will be included in your project. We check in regularly to make sure everything goes as planned. That's win-win.
Viktech hires out skilled craftsmen for your construction project. At the same time, you get a consultant who takes care of your project and follows up.
Book our employee now. A consultant is included in the agreement. He/she will follow your project closely. Then you don't have to think about anything else than putting the electrician temp to work.
Viktech is your partner when you need a technician. We collaborate with the largest companies within fiber projects and have our own service department.
Should Viktech find your next plumbing temp? Included in the agreement is a consultant who follows your project and the plumbing temp from begin to end. That gives peace of mind for everyone
Do you need help with digging of fibre-optic broadband. Contact Viktech now. We put a team incl. mashinery at your disposal and can also apply for digging permits.
Do you need cars or special tools when you rent employees? Then contact Viktech now. Our employees can meet the first day fully equiped, with a car and tools
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